Earin will sponsor ‘This Moment’
for the duration of Q4.

The sponsorship will extend through the eleven episode season. Bringing New York City to Stockholm, Marcus Samuelsson and Jason Diakité (Timbuktu) as hosts. ‘This Moment’ examines current world events through the lenses of their deep roots in the United States and Sweden.

The partnership kicked off on October 12th with an event in Gothenburg, Sweden. Hosted at Nefertiti, a popular jazz club co-owned by Jason, and the city where Marcus was raised, the live recording marked the first time the duo recorded an episode in front of a live audience at a location that means so much to both of them. Earin CEO, Johan Lembre, opened the event with remarks on how the partnership came about and how ‘This Moment’ is very relevant to the work Earin does, with creativity and influence from different countries breaking exciting new ground, whether it be across cooking, music or new technology.

Highlights from This Moment’s live session in Gothenburg

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