Built A to Z

Backed by the Kickstarter community in 2014, Earin launched worldwide on October 6, 2015, with the original true wireless earbuds M-1. From that point on, the product that started it all has solidified the market interest for Bluetooth enabled earphone technology. And true wireless has become a new global standard.

At Earin we challenge the status quo by focusing on innovation to push the industry forward. The M-1 was added to the National Museum-Sweden´s museum of art and design as part of their permanent collection, acknowledging its place in history.

From idea to product

We are engineers, a small team that builds everything we do from the inside out. Facing the challenge of how to design the placement of the microphone in the A-3 we decided to combine it with a voice accelerometer. By using the vibrations in the body to pick up speech, our patented solution works in tandem with our adaptive audio algorithms, allowing us to deliver epic speech quality.

An in-house solution, designed by local engineers and scientists from the inside out, eliminating the need for straps hanging out from your ear.

Earin show case


The Original

This is the product that started it all. On October 6, 2015 Earin was the first company in the world to launch True Wireless earphones.

Archive picture. Best Buy 2015 Earin M-1 on the shelf together with wired headphones

CES Las Vegas 2017


In April 2018, Earin followed up the groundbreaking M-1 by launching the M-2.

The M-2 earphones combine Scandinavian design elements, with cutting-edge technology, while remaining the smallest and lightest earphones available on the market.

Earin’s CEO Kiril Trajkovski showing the M-2 at CES Las Vegas 2017 in front of press.

Earin Management

Earin founders had an early vision to cut the cords on headphones, and helped to create an entirely new sector of hearable technology. Now with new leadership of CEO Johan Lembre, Earin is poised to take it’s world-class product and engineering team global.

Earin founders

Johan Lembre


Johan is the newcomer to the Earin team, with 16 years of experience at Axis Communications, also an innovative Swedish engineering company. He brings experience from international expansion and business development from multiple top management positions.

Kiril Tajkovski


Kiril drives R&D and he has been heading the development of A-3. Kiril has extensive engineering experience from the mobile telephone industry with Nokia, Sony and Ericsson. His relentless 'can do' attitude has made the vision of A-3 happen.

Olle Lindén


Olle is the leading designer of our products at Earin. With more than 15 years at Nokia, Sony and Axis he has mastered the game of bringing new technology in to an amazingly small form factor. Olle’s attention to detail leaves no room for compromises.

Per Sennström


Per is in charge of our sales operations making sure that Earin is visible online, and that our products conveniently can be purchased through multiple channels. Like the other Founders Per is also a true engineer, and we often find him in the lab soldering on a new invention or testing new functionality.

Earin charging case

A–33rd generation of true wireless

Open audio design, up to 30h playtime, supports USB-C and wireless charging.