Setup Guide

Thank you for choosing Earin.


Earin was engineered, designed and built to deliver the most, so please read the guide carefully to ensure you are getting that most from your earbuds.




Connect the Earin capsule to a USB power source using the micro USB cable. The capsule houses and automatically charges your earbuds when not in use. Slide open the capsule and place the earbuds inside to begin charging. Make sure to angle the earbuds into place according to the picture.


Charge the green Capsule Charging Light turns green (next photo). While you are waiting, please download the app for your iPhone, Android or Windows 10 device, and be sure to read the rest of this guide.




When the red Earbud Charging Status light of the capsule turns off your earbuds are fully charged and ready to go.




The Earin capsule can be charged separately from your earbuds. A green light at the top of the capsule shows when it is completely charged. A fully charged capsule can recharge your earbuds three times before needing to be recharged via the micro USB cable.




For the perfect fit and best performance, squeeze the comply tips and angle the earbuds slightly towards the head. Place them with the L and R symbols facing behind you. Note, correct placement is important for optimal performance.




As Bluetooth signals do not cross through the body, it is important to minimize interfering objects between the buds themselves (i.e. pillows) as well as objects between the music device and the buds to maximize performance.




The stabilizer locks help secure your earbuds for while you are running, at the gym and similar activities.




Earbuds Left & Right

Charging Capsule

Micro USB cable

1 pair of Stabilizers

2 pairs of Comply™ foam tips, size S and M.





When your earbuds are fully charged remove them from the capsule. Go to your device’s Bluetooth® settings and make sure Bluetooth® is enabled. Search for Bluetooth® compatible devices. Select “Earin L” to connect.


“Earin L” and “Earin R” will automatically sync using a unique ID keeping the connection secure and interference free. From now on Earin will connect automatically with your device when removed from the capsule.




Just go to your music app, press play and enjoy. To switch off your earbuds, simply place them back in the capsule.




There is also an option to listen in mono mode if you would like to maximise continuous playtime. Use by pairing only one of your Earin earbuds at a time. When playing mono mode using the right earbud only, the music device must be paired to “Earin-R”. For mono mode using the left earbud only, the standard “Earin-L” pairing for stereo mode is used.


Note: If only only one earbud is removed from the capsule, it may take upto 30 seconds until it pairs in mono mode.




Earins work with most handheld Bluetooth® compatible devices and are enhanced by using the free Earin app to to customize your listening experience.

  • Bass Boost — Activate to enhance the low end frequencies.
  • Balance — Control the volume between the left and right earbud.
  • Battery Levels — Monitor how much battery life you have in each earbud.
  • Gain (Android only) – Raise or lower the volume.
  • Custom Name – Assign a unique name to your earbuds.


The Earin App is available on Apple’s App Store, on Google Play and Windows 10 App Market.




Please take care to listen at safe volumes.
Do not use in environments where you need to be aware of your surroundings.
Do not use for hearing protection.
Do not disassemble capsule or earbuds.
Capsule and earbuds contain Li-Ion batteries. Dispose responsibly and recycle at appropriate facility.
Store small parts out of the reach of children and infants.
If accidentally swallowed, contact a physician immediately.



Speaker: Balanced Armature

Frequency range: 20-20 000 Hz

Speaker Sensitivity: 105 dB SPL +- 2dB

Impedance (DC): 25 Ohm



Dimensions: Ø14.5mm x 20mm (0.57” x 0.78”)

Weight: 3.5g (0.123 oz)

Stereo play time: up to 2h 50 min

Mono play time: Up to 11 continuous play time in combination with Capsule charging.

Battery: 60 mAh Rechargeable Li-Ion, recommended

In Capsule Charging Time: 75 min

Wireless: Bluetooth®3.0 and 4.0 compatible



Dimensions: Ø21mm x 95mm (0.83” x 3.74”)

Weight: 42g (1.5 oz)

Battery: 600 mAh Rechargeable Li-Ion (recommended charging with 1 Amperage or more)

Charge Time: Typical 75 min, depends on power source.

Fully charged Capsule provides x3 Earbud charges

Standard Micro USB connection